Pierre-Etienne Morelle


Fundamentally different ideas about engagement in contemporary art have lead to the decision that OZEAN will have to leave its current location. After four years and more than 50 exhibitions and performances on the grounds of Kunst in Kreuzberg e.V. at Schleiermacher Strasse, OZEAN is now in search of a new site; a site where its approaches toward contemporary art production in Berlin, in terms of appreciation, freedom, sustainability, visibility and cooperation, will be shared and supported.

On Sunday, 30 November 2014 at 3 p.m. the spectacular performance 'ABRISS' (demolition)
by Pierre-Etienne Morelle will take place.
This performance responds seamlessly to the process of the founding of OZEAN back in 2010 when Hester Oerlemans closed the front of the open garage architecture with a wooden wall. This minimal intervention created a wonderful exhibition space over the last four years. After the radical performance by Pierre-Etienne Morelle 'ABRISS' has ended, the space will – at least according to its visual appearance – be as it was before OZEAN started. OZEAN will move on, looking for a new location.